Beginning My Journey of Self-Documentation — Episode 1, My Journey

In the Lab (my bedroom)

Hi everyone!

So the first year of University is done, and the Uni has given me the green-light to progress into my second year. Throughout the year i’ve become increasingly absorbed in self-development, not just progressing through my medical year or academically but also improving myself as a person and pushing it, or as Gary would say “Crushing It”.

For a while, I thought that blogging, vlogging and content creation was reserved for the ‘chosen ones’ with exceptional gifts, looks or talents or great writing skills (a weakness of mine😅). I don’t think that anymore. I spent the majority of the year absorbing as much knowledge as I could, but I was still apprehensive. Until I listened to Gary’s audiobooks ‘Crushing It’ (which i highly recommend). Something clicked, around 3 hours in (if I recall correctly), where he introduced a way of viewing the idea personal branding.

And that was self-documentation.

After hearing those words, I instantly felt eager to embark on this Journey.

I have many hobbies and projects that I work on. Some of which include Boxing, The Schoolink Startup, a new NFT project I’m working on, and a side hustle in selling durags. Throughout all of these and my medical career I’ve experienced highs and lows, so I thought to myself, if i can document how I overcame these then maybe it could help someone somewhere overcome the struggles in their lives. And I won’t lie, but the idea of having kids or grandkids watching me in my early days would be so cool.

So yeah! This is the start, I’m excited for what’s to come later on!

I’ll aim to post weekly and I’ll also be creating a youtube channel where I’ll talk about some stuff in my life, hobbies interests etc. so be on the look out for those🤝

And whoever's listening I hope I can have a positive impact on your lives!

I’m not really sure what to put at the end of this. I think a good way to round off will to do it as a series with episodes or something like that. Let me know what you guys think.

My Journey Episode 1 ✅